Before Renovation.  Vynil Siding.Exterior Siding Replacement and reconstruction.  Installation of Hardi exterior siding.Exterior paint on siding and stucco.Exterior shot of new screened porch enslure with window bank.Before shot of 2nd floor dormer.  Vynil siding.  Rot damage.Removal of siding.  Rot repair.dExterior hardi board installation and new paint.Cable railing system installed.Exterior finishes from dock view.Old pOld pool and deck.  Vynil siding.Old decOld pool deck with screened porch.Installation of new pool and pool deck.Installation Deck construction.Pool and Pool deck finishes.  Screened porch was converted to a porch enclosure with windows.  Climate control added.Completion of new pool deck and poolNew Cable railing system on pool deck.  Screened porch enclosure on right side of photo.Before shot of breezewayRemoval of rotten (hollow) columns, vynil soffit.New siding, exterior lighting, paint, coffered ceiling.Before attic shot.  Old insulation.  Low R value.Before shot of old insulation in attic.Rafter before sprayfoam application.After shot sprayfoam rafters.Aftershot sprayfoam.Sprayfoam rafters.Aftershot sprayfoam.Attic equipment room - controlled airspace with sprayfoam.Attic equipment room - controlled airspace with sprayfoam.New cable railing system to home's entry.New mahogany breezeway door.
Extensive renovation included spray foam insulation, new heating and air systems, porch enclosure, new pool and deck, exterior siding replacement, renovated breezeway, renovated dormer/porch and new paint